Tuesday, April 12, 2011

"Crush" for FOX Sports. I am on guitar and bass, John Honore is on virtual instruments and mixing

Crush by Wildtiger

A track I produced with Sellassie and Dave Earl for a film

Wicked System v6 by Wildtiger

A pic of me chillaxin With Rocky and Kashmir

Watch Blue Crush 2 and listen to African music from my licensing catalogue in the soundtrack

Watch Burn Notice on the USA Network for music from the IDCLicensing catalogue.

Here is my ABC interview on the SF Zoo Tiger Attack. R.I.P. Tatiana

A track I recently licensed to Dreamworks Animation for the Megamind DVD

Bad Bones Three 2 by Wildtiger

I placed this track in Death Race 2 from Universal Pictures.

09 Picture My Pain by Wildtiger